Black Ops LED Plate with Signal Lights for 2 light Indian models

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Want to clean up the back of your Indian Chieftain, Chieftain Limited or Chieftain Dark Horse?

We’ve got you covered with our Black Ops rear signal light / Bake Light and LED license plate kit. 

**2020 and newer models have an optional DIY LED bolt kit to fill 2 holes left by the factory license plate holder   


  • 2019 Chieftain
  • 2019 Chieftain Dark Horse
  • 2019 Chieftain Limited
  • 2020 and newer models have 2 holes from the factory license plate holder. We have a DIY kit to fill the holes.  Or simply use decorative bolts. 
    • 2020 Indian Springfield Dark Horse
    • 2020 Indian Chieftain 
    • 2020 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse
    • 2020 Indian Chieftain Limited
    • 2020 Indian Chieftain Elite
    • 2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse
    • 2021 Indian Springfield Dark Hose
    • 2021 Indian Chieftain
    • 2021 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse 
    • 2021 Indian Chieftain Limited
    • 2021 Indian Chieftain Elite 
    • 2021 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse
    • 2021 Indian Roadmaster Limited

**2020+ models have 2 holes from the factory license plate holder  

DIY LED bolt kit Fits:  

  • 2020+ Springfield Dark Horse
  • 2020+ Chieftain
  • 2020+ Chieftain Dark Horse
  • 2020+ Chieftain Limited

••Smoke LED tube standard. Send us a message to special order a Red LED tube••


(605) 639-0154 **

Plug and Play / Direct Bolt-On 

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Simply remove the 3 bolts holding the stock tail light and licenses plate bracket. Unplug the three stock connectors. Plug in your new connects and bolt your new Black Ops with Signal lights on.

*Includes LED turn/brake signals, black LED plate frame and raw adapter.

*Adapter requires paint.
You can paint the adapter to color match your bike. Or painting them flat or gloss black looks great too. 

Designed and made in South Dakota, USA 🇺🇸
Indian Motorcycle Tail light 


****Saddlebag lights NOT included****

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