Black Ops LED Plate with Signal Lights

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Want to clean up the back of your 2019 Indian Chieftain, Chieftain Limited or Chieftain Dark Horse?

We’ve got you covered with our Black Ops rear signal light and license plate kit. 

Fits:2019 Chieftain, 2019 Chieftain Dark Horse, 2019 Chieftain Limited

**Call or email us about fit for 2020 models 

(605) 639-0154 **

Plug and Play / Direct Bolt-On 

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Simply remove the 3 bolts holding the stock tail light and licenses plate bracket. Unplug the three stock connectors. Plug in your new connects and bolt your new Black Ops with Signal lights on.

*Includes LED turn/brake signals, black LED plate frame and raw adapter.

*Adapter requires paint.
You can paint the adapter to color match your bike. Or painting them flat or gloss black looks great too. 

Designed and made in South Dakota, USA 🇺🇸



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