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We’re excited to debut The Blackout Immersion Box.

The first of its kind – not only bass you can hear, but bass you can feel!
The Immersion Box will get you the bass you need while preserving and presenting optimal sound quality.
The Immersion Box is a sealed tour pack, that will housing two 8” subwoofers or 8” mid bass.
Our revolutionary “black matter” is denser than fiberglass or ABS, which allows you to keep more of the bass you want.
Along with accommodating the dual 8”, this tour pack features:
Gas Shock, Internal Hinges, Lock, 2 cast-in Windows, Black Upholstered Back Rest, stylish sealed tour pack base and mounting platform cut for two 8” subs or 8” mid bass.
Proudly Made in South Dakota, USA 🇺🇸

*box comes raw, needs to be painted 

**Speakers and amp not included

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